153 Phillip offers readership positions to lawyers commencing as barristers.

The floor looks for outstanding candidates who would be suitable in due course to join the floor as members.

We are currently accepting expressions of interest to commence as a reader on our floor in
May 2025. Please write to our floor secretary, Barry Dean before 31 May 2024.

Expressions of interest should include a cover letter or email, a current CV and at least two referees. You may also include your academic transcripts. We recommend talking to the floor secretary or another member of the floor before preparing and submitting your expression of interest.

Readers on the floor must read with a member and are encouraged to have an off-floor tutor as well.

Our members are also available to serve as tutors for readers who do not read on the floor. Contact our floor secretary or clerk if you would like one of our members to serve as your tutor.