Federal Court judgment: Hanson-Young v Leyonhjelm [2019] FCA 156

On 19 February 2019, Justice Besanko of the Federal Court of Australia delivered judgment for Senator Sarah Hanson-Young on an application Senator David Leyonhjelm brought seeking leave to appeal the interlocutory judgment of Justice White not to summarily dismiss Senator Hanson-Young’s action against him in defamation.  Further information about the interlocutory judgment can be read here.  Justice Besanko dismissed the application for leave to appeal and awarded costs.

Sue Chrysanthou and Barry Dean from 153 Phillip appeared for Senator Hanson-Young on both applications.

Read the full judgment:

Hanson-Young v Leyonhjelm [2019] FCA 156

Senator Hanson-Young commenced defamation proceedings against Senator Leyonhjelm in relation to various statements he had allegedly published about her and what she allegedly said in the Senate on 28 June 2018.  Senator Hanson-Young’s claim in defamation will now proceed to Trial.

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