The majority of work undertaken by members of 153 Phillip is through referrals from solicitors’ firms, however, an increasing number of instructions to the Bar are from in-house counsel who are instructing barristers directly. This trend has been embraced by153 Phillip Barristers which now works directly with a substantial number of in-house counsel.

Not all matters will be suitable for in-house counsel to directly instruct the Bar but good examples in our experience include: advisory work including pre-litigation strategy; hearings or examinations before investigative or regulatory bodies; court or tribunal hearings not requiring a large legal support team.  One major advantage of direct instruction is cost. Another is having a single point of contact with your legal representative.

Diary and fee enquiries for our members are made in the first instance with our clerk, Susan Michael or otherwise with our members direct. Contact information for members can be found on their profile pages.