About 153 Phillip

153 Phillip was established in 2017, within the heritage-listed Sun Building at 153 Phillip Street, Sydney. Our members are in demand for their experience and expertise in a wide range of practice areas. We practise nationwide in all courts and tribunals, as well as in all forms of alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation. Our barristers draw inspiration from the fearless example set by John Hubert Plunkett, described by Bell CJ as “one of the greatest barristers New South Wales has known”.

Our barristers accept briefs from firms of solicitors, and also directly from in-house solicitors in both private and government sectors.

153 Phillip is committed to excellence and diversity in legal practice. The floor has adopted the “no key money” principle, whereby new members pay no purchase price for their rooms. We have adopted and adhered to the Law Council of Australia’s Equitable Briefing Policy and the NSW Bar Association’s Best Practice Guidelines on discrimination and other matters.